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Walls of the Heart Double A Single

The Double A single is on sale at Rey More Store at Reverbnation, just click on the picture on the right to buy. 50% will be donated to Care Initiative by Reverbnation and Rey More

Cover Art by Seva Khmara

Track 1 Play Play words and music by Rey More arrangements by  Ago Visentini and  Rey More recorded in Ago Vis Studio Altopascio Italy.

Track 1
(Unknown Album (27/06/2010 21.21.17))

Track 2 Images words and music by Rey More arrangements by Rey More and Mauro Formica recorded at Juke Box Studio Perugia Italy

Track 2
(Unknown Album (27/06/2010 21.21.17))

Lyrics by Rey More

Track 3 Hey Now artist Bimba lyrics by Rey More ( backup vocals by Rey More) Song also appears on BMG Supereva Compilation 2000 

Bimba - Hey Now (Missin Fm) - YouTube

Track 4 Crying artist Dama lyrics by Rey More ( Rey also worked on the music of this song even if not credited in Siae Italy)

Dama - Criying (Radio Cut) - YouTube

Track 5 Down Down artist Fourteen 14 Lyrics by Rey More

Fourteen 14 - Down Down (Free Radio Cut) - YouTube

Music by Rey More

Track 6 Sotto il Cielo di Betlemme Music by Rey More Lyrics by Alfredo Scardino 

sotto il cielo di betlemme - YouTube

Track 7 Tentazioni (Italian Love Song) Music by Rey More Lyrics by Alfredo Scardino

tentazioni - alfredo scardino e rey more - YouTube

Rey has written and recorded many other songs not listed here, if you are interested in hiring Rey please send an email to

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